Our Working Place

At American Industrial Contractors, we are committed to safety, quality, and service. It is important to us that we go out of our way to ensure that you, the customer are 100% satisfied. Safety, quality, and service have been our goals since the company first started and we continue to strive for excellence.

Safety tops our list of priorities. We know how important it is for our crew to get the right training and stop accidents before they happen. Therefore, our crane operators are CCO certified and they have been through rigorous OSHA and MSHA training.

Service is next on our list. Providing quality service means having a variety of equipment, an excellent staff, and a wide range of capabilities. That is exactly what you will find at American Industrial Contractors. We have equipment ranging from small forklifts to 200-ton capacity cranes and we are capable of providing services from rigging to shutdowns.

And finally, the quality of the services we provide is unmatched.

We are proud to provide you with competitive quotes, so contact us and let us know what we can do for you.