Machinery Moving / Equipment Installation

At American Industrial Contractors, we are well versed in many areas of Machinery Moving. To us Machinery Moving is just as much an art as it is a science, and that is why we own a wide range of equipment to help us complete each and every job in the most efficient way possible.

From simply offloading equipment to the full installation of large machines, American Industrial Contractors has done it before. Full factory moves, large or small machinery leveling, CNC machine transporting and set, and much more.

With over forty forklifts and Vera-Lifts, around eight cranes ranging from 8.5 ton Carry Deck to a 200 ton crane, as well as our own fleet of tractors and trailers at our disposal, American Industrial has the ability to move and do just about anything safely and efficiently.

Need your equipment leveled, grouted, anchored, or aligned? We will provide the equipment and men to get the job done right the first time. We know that after using our company the first time, we will be your first call every time. So give us a call today for all of your machinery moving needs.